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February 1, 2012 / pinqlady57

good morning

my little pink 38

well today is feb. 1

last night mitt won in fla.

I thought today I would talk about what happen to me last weekend.

For Christmas my husband bought me a pink 38 special w/ a pink faux aligator case.I was so excited cause it was cute. I had it sitting in the living all jan. just cause it was cute to look at. The history of me wanting a pistol is, we live on a main hwy in our county. Last May my daughter and grandkids moved out, and now I am by myself from 4 am till daylight. My neighbor across the street has had break-ins and things stolen more than once. One time she heard them outside so she and her shotgun went out and confronted them in her barn. They got in their car and laughed at her as they drove out the driveway laughing at her told her “neither you or the cops can do anything we didnt take anything!” Guess what?  THEY WERE RIGHT.  So I decided I need some way to protect myself.

On Dec 30 a man went missing his vehicle was parked in front of the property ajacent to ours.He lives 1/2 mile down the road. So whatever happened, happened next door to me. The property next to me was searched, the woods across the street behind our church has been searched several times.

So Robert decided Sat. time to learn to use the gun. Off to the gun range we go.We go in get our target and ammo I am SO ready. When we go out they are in cease fire. We find a spot and Robert puts up our target. I sit down to load my weapon, at this point I’m still feeling pretty confident, ready to go. I hear someone announce “CEASE OVER RESUME FIRING” and all hell broke loose. Robert is telling about the proper way to hold my gun ect. and casings start hitting me everywhere. The lady next to us was shooting a 9mm semi or automatic.  I dont know which.  I just know they were spitting out at me and wouldnt quit. At the same time the guy on the other side was shootong a cannon. A 486 smith and wesson or something like that. Everyshot my heart felt like it was exploding. I was scared poop-less. But wait, it gets worse. All a sudden something is burning my boobs.  I think I am on fire. I try to find waht is burning me as I fight off the attack of the casings. I look down my shirt and there is a 9mm casing in my bra between my boobs. I start hollering,” Robert get it out”. He looked at me and finally heard me . So hear we are in the middle of a gunfight she hittingme and my husband with his hand down my shirt grabbing at what looked like my boobs. He was kinda like little Jack Horner stuck in thumb and pulled out a plum. Stuck in his hand and pulled out a hot shell. Finally  HE GOT IT!  Now it was time for me to take my first shot. I’m trying to aim, he’s telling me how to look down the barrel…. then there goes the cannon again. Robert says “You have to quit shaking”. I finally took the shot. When I did blowback or whatever you call it went all in my eyes. I handed Robert the gun and said” I dont like this I’m done”. He starts saying no you have to do this. So I shot 3 more times I think I hit the target. I kept closing my eyes cause they burned so bad. Then I heard the most wonderful words CEASE FIRE.  AND THAT WAS MY FIRST 20 MIN AT THE RANGE. The next 20 was a little better I kept giving Robert the gun and making him shoot.  He kept telling “You’re the one that has to learn”.  At the next cease fire I packed up. The lady with the 9mm said her husband had started her on the deer lease where it was quite. She gave me some good advice and I was ready to get out of there.

I can tell you it is funny now, but that first 10 mins was really terrifying to me.  I cant wait for the next trip. NOT!!!

but i will look2thefuture and know that God will get me through.

signing off





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