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February 3, 2012 / pinqlady57

how was your day?

Well I wanted to write this A.M. but I woke up in such pain. If you’ve ever had a kidney and bladder infection you’ll understand.

So, how was your day? Well God brought me through as He always does. I’m thankful for Him. I wonder sometimes how people get through sicknesses or accidents or deaths without faith. Everything my family has been through the last 2 yrs I dont believe I could’ve handles it without knowing God ,The Father holds me in the palm of His hand.

I wanted to post this link it is apalling to me anyone who would be involved in this is a heretic wouldnt want to be them. Rev. 21 (I think) says nothing is to added or taken away from this book.

Well the ground hog saw his shadow today. But the cow or bull from texas. So will winter be over? I hope not. I want more rain and rain and cold means the ground will really get a good soaking. Here in Texas that’s what our whole state needs.  We have boats dry docked all over the state. The water went down so fast the boats got stuck in the drought. Some river beds look like weed beds and the lakes are heart breaking. It is raining right now. Our pond went dry this summer. My husband dug it 3 times deeper  and it is now running over. Our garden was like a dust bowl. We had to let the garden dry up when the pond went dry.

It is time to start our seeds. Robert built us a hot box last weekend.  We’ll plant seeds in there sat. and cover it in plastic. What is your plan for growing something etable this yr? You can start small just a few patio plants if nothing else. Tomatoes could be 3.# this yr. Heard the other day they expect gas to be 4.50-5.00 gallon this summer. I sure hope they’re wrong. But if it really does happen where the extra money for gas coming from in your family? Some way it will affect your grocery money.  We were desynsitzed last yr when green beans went to 1.00 a can. So now they will go up more this yr. I told Robert I needed 52 qts of green beans. He just about flipped out. “For what!” Well if I cook them 1 time a wk that 52.  At a dollar a can I would save 104.00 cause a qt is 2 cans. I cooked squash out of the freezer for the first time this week. It was really good.

Well have a good nite.

Dont forget to look2thefuture and ask God to see you through

signing off



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