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February 4, 2012 / pinqlady57

hope today will be a great day

We got 9″ of rain last nite. Yippee!!!!!!!

Who likes onion rings??I do. burger king has free onion rings Sat and Sun for super bowl.

who watched poppers penguin’s? it really turned out to be a cute show. the potty training scene was so cute.

I  was thinking about cooking and my grandsons today.  this article game up and it reminded me of something I cooked for my grandboys.

I would  always tell my boys “Grandma loves you too much to take you to McDonalds” . Because of course, you guessed it they wanted chicken nuggets. There is very little evidence of chicken in those nasty little things.

So I came up with piggy paws. We would take boneless sirloin pork chops  or pork loin and cut the in pieces. I used just a flour dunk and then throw them in the fryer. Perfect delicious Piggy Paws. The real thing. MEAT. Served with cream gravy or secret sauce (Mayo & bbq sauce mixed ). My babies loved them.

slip over to ozarks mountain family and enter to win their giveaway

well thats all folks and hope you will


signing off



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