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February 5, 2012 / pinqlady57

Jesus is Lord

A friend sent me this link

I am so thankful for a dad like this dad. He has been a courageous dad this son’s whole life.

these parents truly live pro.3:5-6 trust in The Lord with all your heart lean not unto your own understanding, in all you ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct you path.

Sometimes we try to think with our minds and reason things, our minds can deceive us but if we depend on Him and allow the h.s to speak to our spirit we will have peace with the decisions we make.

We saw courageous last weekend it was great. As good as Fireproof, Flywheel, and facing the Giants. Michael Landon Jr. is a good director and a chrisitan.

I read today that the national anthem will be preempted by a commercial tonite on the super bowl. how many million for

30 sec comm? Couldnt dare honor our nation it could take 1 minute. I am upset about this.


Hey dont forget B.K. still have free onion rings today.

I dont really care who wins since neither houston or Tebow is playing, But for the sake of watching I guess I’ll root for the Patriots.

We took my BIL and SIL out to red lobster tonite. If you havent been to the 15.00 4 course meal you have missed it. We have been 5xs and we have 1 more friend to take for her birthday. It still goes on till next Sun.  Of course I had the coconut shrimp and brought 1/2 my shrimp and my baked pot. and some biscuits.And of my hubby ate all his shrimp and brought home his pot and biscuits.He never saves any shrimp cause he knows mama did and he’s going to eat mine. but we still end up with 2 meals each.


Well hope you have a blessed day today.

dont forget to keep looking up and look2thefuture

signing off





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