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February 8, 2012 / pinqlady57

Its a good day (corrected)

hello everyone out in blog land

well santorum won big last nite. not my fav, but I’ve already made up my mind whoever gets picked thats who I’m voting for. I just want obo out.

it is a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. I’m sitting here watching 2 big crows picking my pasture. They are so black and so shiny. Saturday we had about 15 red breasted robins and several baby ones only about 2in. tall.  I’m looking at the yard and there is new grass sprouting everywhere and its the pretty green color. the new grass and the pretty green color always reminds me where the Word says we are a new creation in Christ behold old things are passed away behold all things become new.those crows I’m watching only care for newness right now. they dont care what the grass looked like last month. Lent will begin in a little while. Lent to me is like a time of spring cleaning. And I will talk about that later. As for me I constantly must tell myself quit looking back. Change is so hard for me because most of my looking back is good memories and I want those good days back. But I know God says to put our hand to the plow and keep moving forward. So anyone reading this please pray for me to let go and let God give me what He has for me now.

So I am working on and reminding myself  and hoping you will  look2thefuture

signing off



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