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February 11, 2012 / pinqlady57

New Report Finds 162 Reasons to Marry edited

Since it is feb 10 Love is in the air  thought yall might like to see why marriage is good for you

New Report Finds 162 Reasons to Marry.

thanks to for posting this

no matter what people think or say God’s word still says if you want to have babies or enjoy sex and be blessed then you are to be married. People’s opinions change every moment something is supposedly “outdated”


After a month the red lobster 4 course meal for 15.00 goes off. I am so sick of red lobster and everybody continually wanted to go there. I went 3xs this wk with 3 different sets of friends. I was glad when they said the new spec that starts mon is a lobster spec  cause I HATE lobster.

I am ready for some breakfasts for dinner and cereal and milk. Ya know plain food.  I ate a really good sandwich 2day. Avacado, mayo, and cheetos it was sooo good. Maybe tom. I’ll eat a bean dip, mayo and frito sandwich. (it really is good)

Well the time for flowers and candy is here. I also think Lent starts next week. My husband buys me tropical plants so I can kill them. Years ago I told him I didnt want candy anymore. Then he would buy fresh flowers that we couldnt afford. And back then I thought it was a waste to buy flowers so I said no more flowers. So then he started buying plants. I really would like a big ivy I dont kill them that easy. But he buys things I cant even pronounce. But sometimes now I would really like flowers but he wouldnt dare. lol. I kinda dropped some hints that w.m. and ftd had dropped the price of roses. So we’ll see if he took the bait.

Have a great weekend. Dont forget to go to church this Sun.

keep looking Up. and look2the future

signing off



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