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February 14, 2012 / pinqlady57

happy valentine’s day

Do you feel the love in the air??

one day set aside to show our love to the ones we love.

I want to pass on this post from A wise woman builds her house.

I think we sometimes take for granted the one closest to us. I love my husband with everything in me.  Even so, there are times that I dont show it. That  doesnt mean the love isnt there just that we let other things and people come first.

Some women dont understand that men really are fragile beings. Sounds crazy but its not.  Men can get their feelings hurt far more easy than us. Sad thing is we will most likely never know it. Unless you have learned to read your husband’s eyes and face. We invested in our marriage in the early years. It is more important to invest in marriage in the latter yrs. I told my husband the other day we loved each other at first couldnt get enough of being together. Then in the middle yrs we love each other but other priorities and responsibilities come first. Sometimes we put us on the back burner. Then in latter yrs (ours Will be 40 in Oct) we are able to come back together to fall deeper in love than we could even imagine. I told my husband the other day,” it is kinda cruel to have the love deepen before time for us to be seperated by death.”  Seems like it would be easier if loved waned in the latter yrs. Maybe it wouldnt hurt so bad that way.   I will be 55 in july and married 40 yrs in oct so we have the yrs in to be latter yrs. But not the yrs (i hope) for time for seperation. But love is sweeter than the day before.

So ladies and gentlemen take time more than 1 day a yr to acknowledge your love. I never go a day without telling mine I love him. Because we dont know what the next minute holds. If dies he before me I never want to say I hope he knew how much I loved him. If I go first I want him to know he was my love and my hero. I want him to never settle for any other love but pure love.

We both, now or ever, have loved only one other as much as each other And that is Jesus our saviour.

So wifeys love up that man. And hubbys walk past that wifey when she’s cooking and give her a hug or pat that booty. Those little acts of affection with no ulterior motive are the sweet ones.


just remember to  look2thefuture

signing off



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  1. Bedina Houston / Feb 14 2012 5:24 pm

    I love this post and I feel the same way about my husband. As he gets closer to retirement we are getting closer together so that we have more common ground for our later years. love you BH

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