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February 17, 2012 / pinqlady57

good morning yall

good mornig or it will be when you read it.

well its friday.

what your plans for the weekend? be sure and set aside a little honey time. I hope to go to a home and garden show this weekend. If hubby will go.

my week has been very slow and I havent accomplished much. hopefully next week will warm up some and quit raining. A;though I am so happy we are getting the much needed rain. I heard on the news last week that the lake levels are up like 6′ still 6-8′ low but up 6″. lake houston came up over 8′. I hope lake palestine got rain. It was so low at thanksgiving my hubby couldnt fish and we’re just about out.

I am trying to figure out how to irrigate our garden without having to stay out for hours everynite. Plus we need to be able to water while we’re on vacation. I want to do something like those water spikes that you hook a 2 liter bottle to and stick in the ground. But it has to be with pvc pipe and water barrels. I think I will have to drill on the pipe ,that should be an experience since I’ve never drilled. So if you have any suggestions let me know.

Anyone that lives close to whole foods they’re having a 1 day sale today. Whole chickens 1.99# no hormones free range.They do have a good flavor.

I heard about a preacher this wk who told his congregation that the next sunday he was going to teach on the sin of lying. So he told them he wanted everyone to read the book of Mark  before the next sunday. So sunday came and preacher started to bring the message he asked for a show of hands of who read mark chapter 17. Well about 1/2 the congregation raised their hands. Preacher said “well there are only 16 books in Mark.” Lets get to the lesson on the sin of lying.I wonder how many of them were even embarrassed for lying. People lie with no thought today. In fact, people these days expect to be lied to. And when they are lied to they never confront the liar. Therefore, there is no reason for people to change. I have lost friends over them lying to me and me calling them on it. They will lie to your face, and how dare you confront them over their lies. I think people want you to just act like you’re so stupid, that you dont know you just got lied to. Do you ever wonder how you can teach kids lying is sin and God doesnt like it, when they see adults lying, constantly? Just remember there’s no such thing as a “little white lie”.   Sin is sin and all sin breaks fellowship with God. So don’t try to rationalize that, just  because its you, God will overlook it from you. HE WON’T.  1 Jn 1;9 says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us, from all unrighteoussness. We must be willing to repent (means to turn from).Turn from the sin. We must break the hold sin has over us.

Well here’s hoping for a great Friday to yall. and look2thefuture

signing off




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