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February 19, 2012 / pinqlady57

This is the day the Lord has made

good morning yall,

we woke up to SUNSHINE today. how many know the song sunlight?

walking in sunlight,

heavenly sunlight,

flooding my soul with

glory divine


I am rejoicing

singing his praises

Jesus is mine

By feb I’m  always so happy to have some sunlight it puts a pep in my step. And brightens my spirit.

It was 60* and sunny today.  walking around the flea market felt good. didnt buy much but saw friends and had a nice walk.

our lesson  today was about keep on keeping on in the face of persecution. and not giving satan victory over us. I really needed it.

well wed is ash wed. beggining of Lent. Some people are under the impression that bapt. dont observe lent. Well I only know that this bapt does.

I started observing Lent about 10 or 11 yrs ago after some studying  and decided I wanted to try it. more on that mon.


I’d like a few feed backs how you spent your weekend.

spent mine with hubby and saw some friends. saw 2 good movies this weekend  forever strong  and 7 days in utopia  both excellent family movies.

they buried whitney houston this weekend I’m glad that is over.she was a good singer but she lived her life just like she wanted to. When some one is so messed up they drown in a tub it is a shame.they should not be almost idolized.

oregon and washington getting a lot of snow. avalanche killed 3 people up there and now colo. is watching for them also. so warn your friends. The weather just said no rain for 2 days. yippee.  Have you ever though how aggravated God must get with us sometimes? For months we prayed and prayed for rain so we get it. Now we’re praying Lord we had enough rain. We cant ever be satisfied. Ya know Paul said he had reached a place that he could be content in whatever state he was in. whether he was rich or hungry he would just bless the Lord and be satisfied. I wonder how many americans could evr be just   SATISFIED? Could I? Could you?  Just thinking outloud.

I know I just started this blog and some days there’s not much. I am thankful for the ones of you following me. I really dont know exactly how God is gonna use this blog yet just waiting for what direction He wants it to go. But I pray blessing on you and your families,

Have a good nite and remember to look2thefuture

signing off




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