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April 1, 2012 / pinqlady57

just look

this is exactly why we have to get rid of:

the BPA’s out of plastics, you think you are doing good drinking bottled water but the plastic leeches BPAand it know for causing breast cancer,most baby bottles brands have non BPA kind but they cost more,

flouride out of our water, dumbs us down and basically drugs us down hitler used it in the water have any idea where flouride comes from?? sludge from making aluminum. what do they say causes alzheimers???? aluminum.

bromide is in all plastic, in mountain dew, bromated flour, in flavored drinks,some cooking oils,

and need to get away from chlorine.

all of these chemicals also kill off our thyroid because these chemicals fool the body into thinking it is iodine same chemical weight or something like that  our bodies are totally depleted of the right kind of iodine

city water is treated sewer water all surface water is contaminated with pharmaceuticals

they can not filter the drugs out. for yrs we have been flushing pills down the toilet and quite frankly peeing them into the sewer.

and dont forget the mercury in vaccines  and autism

I know when I get on a tare it sounds like I am crazy but research things for yourself


but through everything in life we must continue to lookup and to look2thefuture


signing off,




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